The eldest of Oberon’s children, son of Oberon and his first wife Cymnea Venway.

Dour and distant, Benedict is a superlative tactician and swordsman who was responsible for training most of his younger siblings. He maintains a neutral stance on matters of succession, even refusing to join his brothers Osric and Finndo when they sought to overthrow Oberon.

Benedict served as regent (though he did not name himself such) when Oberon vanished a hundred years ago, but departed after arguing with his siblings at a formal dinner, just after the fifth weirmonken war. He has not been seen in Amber since then, some twenty years ago.

Benedict wields one of the four Pattern Blades — Anaghast, called the dusk blade.

He is the only member of House Venway to own a Garnathi horse, having earned the respect of the stallion Glemdenning.