Youngest child of Oberon and his third wife, Clarissa Feldane.

Quite possibly the most charming of Oberon’s sons, and a talented general besides, Bleys never lacked for popular support. When Oberon’s absence approached a century, he manoeuvred to take the throne, noting that he was the eldest living son (Benedict had been formally removed from the line, and Corwin had been missing for enough time to be assumed dead or disinterested). Erica disputed this, taking the line that she was the eldest child and Oberon had never set down into law how the crown should pass to his children.

His political assault failed, costing his allies a great deal (House Karm lost their Duke, and Chantris and Feldane lost certain trading monopolies), and he and his sister Fiona vanished into shadow to lick their wounds. Bleys returned a year later at the head of an army, with long-lost Corwin beside him. Unfortunately for them, Erica proved the better general. Bleys fell off the seaward face of Mt Kolvir during the battle, and was presumed killed.

Bleys wielded one of the four Pattern Blades — Werewindle, called the day blade. It belonged to Osric, and after his execution Oberon kept it locked away, refusing to pass it on to Osric’s son. He gave it to Bleys when he came of age.