Eldest child of Oberon and fourth wife, Rilga Bayle.

While his full siblings Gerard and Julia have distanced themselves from house politics (disinterest on Julia’s part and political point-scoring on Gerard’s part) Caine has maintained close ties with his mother’s house, something which has helped make Bayle the second most powerful of Amber’s noble houses. Other than this, Caine tends to keep a low profile and seems happy to let other siblings solely receive accolades that would otherwise be shared with him. He is known to have fought in several of the weirmonken wars, but his actions were either not notable, or (more likely) were deliberately excised from the records.

The one thing guaranteed to bring Caine out of his shell is Random, whom he openly despises. Caine (and to a lesser extent, Gerard) took Mirelle under his wing when Random’s constant teasing and pranking proved too much for the girl. When she died (she fell overboard from Caine’s ship during a storm), Caine burned the ship and vanished into shadow for almost fifty years.

Caine is Admiral of the Western Fleet (his flagship is the Albatross). He wields one of the four Pattern Blades — Havenskoye, called the dawn blade. It belonged to Finndo, and after his death Oberon locked it away and finally gave it to Caine when he turned 18.