Eldest son of Oberon and his second wife, Faiella.

With the exception of Oberon himself, one name dominates Amber’s histories, and that is Corwin. A consummate gentleman, superlative general and swordsman, brilliant politician, and noted artist, playwright and composer, Corwin’s accomplishments have ever loomed large in Amber. Clearly his father’s favourite, Corwin was often found at the pointed end of Amber’s politics, whether it be ambassadorial missions or military invasions. Many assumed Oberon was grooming Corwin to succeed him as king, but as centuries slipped by, Corwin settled into a more carefree role.

In personality, Corwin is outgoing and friendly, but is known to hold grudges. With the exception of Deirdre, his siblings uniformly dislike him – Oberon’s obvious preference for him made Corwin insufferably smug to his younger brothers and sisters, and like Random he enjoyed playing often dangerous pranks on them. He clashed particularly with Julia, who made the mistake of publicly criticising Deirdre when she was disowned by Oberon. Not being one to forget a slight, Corwin has maintained an unbending hatred of Julia ever since.

Corwin went missing a century before Oberon did, though it must be said that, unlike his father, nobody is on record as having searched shadow for him. He reappeared a year ago in company with his brother Bleys, leading an army against Amber in an attempt to seize the throne from Erica. The army was destroyed, and Corwin was captured. He was tried for treason, blinded, and sentenced to life in prison.

Among his many titles, Corwin was Regent of the Golden Circle shadow Ghenesh, and Knight-Commander of the Order of the Unicorn, though these titles were removed following his conviction for treason.

Corwin wielded one of the four Pattern Blades — Greyswandir, called the night blade. It was originally wielded by Oberon himself, and given to Corwin when he came of age. The blade is currently held in the palace treasury.