Eldest child of Oberon and his second wife, Faiella Karm.

Erica grew up in a family at the very height of a deadly feud. Her father had taken Faiella as his mistress while still married to his first wife Cymnea, and both Cymnea and her middle child Osric were determined to make Faiella and Erica’s lives as miserable as possible. After all, such treatment had worked on Llewella. Unfortunately, Oberon proved stubbornly in love with Faiella, and Erica soon had the protection of her brothers Benedict and Finndo, who regarded Osric’s attacks on the girl as dishonourable.

The situation grew worse when Oberon decided to annul his marriage to Cymnea, most likely in retaliation for her abominable behaviour to Faiella and Erica, and previously to Moins and Llewella. Oberon married Faiella a decade later, but never formally acknowledged Erica, leaving her position in the succession somewhat blurry (it has been argued that Oberon did not think it necessary, as he did not regard women as potential rulers, and indeed it was several hundred years before the noble houses began allowing female inheritance in rare cases).

When Osric and Finndo led their army against Amber, it was repelled by Oberon, and the brothers died. The history of that attempted coup is well covered elsewhere, but what is invariably left out of the histories is that Erica also defended Amber that day, fighting side by side with Oberon. Those of her brothers who decry her ascension to the throne of Amber on the grounds of her sex are wise to remember that she has fought brothers before, and won.

In the centuries after Osric’s attempted coup, Erica remained in Amber, serving beside Benedict as the city’s defender and regent (again, her involvement in Amber’s official history is rarely mentioned). To the history books, Benedict is the regent of Amber, and Erica is mentioned as ‘also there’.

On the 100th anniversary of Oberon’s disappearance, Erica announced that she would formally ascend the throne. She was supported by Julia, Gerard and Caine. Clarissa’s children made a play for the throne at the same time, putting Bleys forward as the true heir to the throne. However, they had little support within Amber and were quickly forced to withdraw. Bleys returned some months later at the head of an army, accompanied by the long-missing Corwin. Their coup failed, Bleys fell off the seaward face of Mt Kolvir, probably to his death, and Corwin was captured.

Erica is now celebrating her first anniversary on the throne.