The daughter of Oberon and his fourth wife, Rilga Bayle.

Julia usually swings from aloof to abrasive, putting on a show of lacking the social graces so admired in her other sisters (barring Deirdre). Despite this, she always manages to surprise on the few social occasions she chooses to attend. Her brothers Caine and Gerard are enormously protective of her, though she clearly does not need sheltering and is a fearsome warrior in her own right. She has forged a close friendship with her elder half-sister Erica, and many assume that it was Julia’s influence that saw Caine and Gerard support Erica’s coronation.

Julia is the Warden of Arden — the ancient forest is well-defended by her rangers and mandrill troops, along with her personal cohort of stormhounds and hunting birds. And Morgenstern, her steam-train…er, horse.