Son of Oberon and his mistress Paulette (or, quite possibly, son of Luce and Paulette).

The youngest of Oberon’s living children, Random was a spoiled child who made the most of the many indulgences his father afforded him. He has a reputation for pranks, making him not well liked by his siblings. Random left Amber not long after Oberon disappeared, perhaps fearing retribution from his siblings. He has been seen in the city only rarely since then.

He spent a little over a year under house arrest in Rebma, having been married to Vialle as punishment for his ill-treatment of Queen Moire’s daughter Morganthe. It was later revealed that Vialle had bound him in high compelling magicks, and when he was finally released, he left Rebma, vowing never to return.

He made an ill-considered attempt to free his brother Corwin from Amber’s dungeon, and now has a cell of his own.