Son of Oberon and his first wife, Cymnea Venway.

Always a hot-headed man, Osric began a very public feud with House Karm when Faiella had replaced his mother Cymnea in Oberon’s bed. Oberon did little to diffuse the situation, and Cymnea actively encouraged it. Finndo was only occasionally involved in defence of his brother, while Benedict tried repeatedly to calm Osric down and smooth matters over with House Karm.  When Oberon annulled his marriage to Cymnea, thereby making Benedict, Osric and Finndo bastards, matters came to a disastrous head.

Osric was determined not to be dishonoured. He vanished from Amber for a time, gathering an army secretly in shadow. When celebrations began in Amber for the birth of Prince Corwin, Osric attacked. His brother Finndo joined the assault, but Benedict stayed well out of the matter, instead remaining in the palace to protect Queen Faiella and her newborn son. The battle did not go well for Osric — the reinforcements he had expected from House Venway did not arrive (perhaps the house realised that Osric’s attack was doomed). Finndo died during the battle. Osric was defeated and captured.

Osric was publicly executed a week after the battle. He pronounced his death curse in front of the gathered crowd, denouncing his brother Benedict as a coward and declaring all of House Venway forsworn.