Son of Oberon and his mistress Lora.

Delwin was almost never seen in Amber City, preferring to spend his time in the palace library, researching ancient history. Although predominantly raised in the palace with his sister Sand, their mother saw to it that her children spent a similar amount of time in her own far-off home shadow, of which she was ruler. After her death, Delwin and Sand returned to that shadow and have not been seen in Amber since.

Lord Archivist Delwin blentyn o’r pedwar tiroedd is head of Archives for the Legion. He doesn’t hold a military title, and sits a little to the side of the Legion’s rank structure. He reports to the Emperor directly. Delwin is brother to Sand.

Archives is the information gathering and collation department of the Legion. Sometimes they behave a bit like spies, but mostly they are bookish types who are incredibly hard to kill. Archives has been keeping an eye on a shadow fastness known as Amber.