Oberon’s third wife, mother of Bleys, Fiona and Brand. Oberon brought Clarissa from a far Southern part of Amber, and made her father a Duke in order to raise his daughter to sufficient rank for marriage. This did not please Theodric (one of Oberon’s bastards), who had been promised that Duchy as part of his father’s oath to formally acknowledge him. Oberon declared that it had been not an oath, but a simple musing. Theodric refused to let the matter lie, and challenged the new Duke Feldane to a duel. Theodric was killed (some say Clarissa, or even Oberon himself, influenced the outcome of the duel).

Oberon formally divorced Clarissa when he began pursuing Rilga, but they had a brief reconciliation some years later, producing Brand (though as with Erica, few would openly call him a bastard). After the death of Rilga, suspicion fell on Clarissa, and though she denied any wrongdoing in the matter, she was convicted of treason and executed. Her house carefully managed to support her children without supporting Clarissa herself.