Oberon’s first wife, and mother of Benedict, Osric and Finndo. Her relationship with Oberon soured when he brought Llewella, his bastard daughter by Queen Moins of Rebma, to live in the palace. When Oberon later began openly consorting with a daughter of House Karm, Cymnea unwisely tried to convince the king to end his affair. He annulled their marriage, making her sons bastards. Osric and Finndo feuded with House Karm over the scandal, and eventually led troops against Amber in a failed coup — Finndo died in the assault and Osric was executed for treason. Benedict stayed carefully out of the matter, and Cymnea was able to weather the fall of her house thanks to Benedict’s intervention. She lived in Amber for many years afterwards, and rumour has it that she eventually came to a rapprochement with her former husband.