The undisputed King of Amber, who caused Dworkin Barimen to draw the Pattern and forged the realm of Amber out of nothing. He ruled for something approaching two thousand years.

His five wives and several mistresses have given him 23 children, though he pays little attention to them.

“Whenever he took note of us, he was quite lavish with gifts and diversions. But he left our upbringing to various members of his court. He tolerated us, I feel, as occasionally inevitable consequences of passion.”
— Prince Corwin

He went missing a century ago, and left no orders as to regencies or succession.

“There was no abdication. He just vanished. One morning he simply was not in his chambers. His bed had not even been slept in. There were no messages. He had been seen entering the suite the evening before, but no one saw him depart. And even this was not considered strange for a long while. At first it was simply thought that he was sojouming in Shadow once again, perhaps to seek another bride. It was a long while before anyone dared suspect foul play or chose to construe this as a novel form of abdication.”
— Prince Benedict

One of Oberon’s lasting legacies is the Pattern Blades. Forged when Amber was still primal, these four blades hold portions of the Pattern itself. Without them, the weirmonken wars would have gone very differently — the blades are anathema to creatures of chaos. The four blades are:

  • Greyswandir, called the night blade. It was originally wielded by Oberon himself, and given to Corwin when he came of age.
  • Anaghast, called the dusk blade. It is wielded by Benedict.
  • Werewindle, called the day blade. It belonged to Osric, and after his execution Oberon kept it locked away, refusing to pass it on to Osric’s son. He gave it to Bleys when he came of age.
  • Havenskoye, called the dawn blade. It belonged to Finndo, and like Osric’s blade, Oberon kept it locked away and finally gave it to Caine when he turned 18.