Son of Prince Osric and his wife, the Lady Stheile.

Hagen is the eldest known grandchild of Oberon. A childhood friend and later bitter enemy of his aunt Erica, Hagen is also the second-eldest surviving bearer of Osric’s Curse (after his grandmother Cymnea Venway). He has spent a very long life fighting the Weirmonken and wandering shadow, as his sojourns in Amber have always been tarnished by his feud with Erica.

Andrew’s character.

Endurance 21
Strength 30
Psyche 1
Warfare 60
Power 55 Vardygr
Power 15 Osric’s Curse. Hagen’s vampire forms: scary-face vampire (prime), human, dire wolverine, cloud of bats (>2000), freaking huge man-bat, humboldt squid, nosferatu shadow.
Shadow 11 Golkonda. Personal Shadow, controlled access, controlled destiny, guardians. A dirigible Shadow with a map in the shape of a fast clipper, a stark granitic mountain range at its prow. Its inhabitants are the descendants of the Kurultai who attacked Kashfa. They have made their peace with Hagen and he with them: they call him Eldest, and he calls them his children.
The Pallid Mask 8 Psychic barrier. Named & numbered forms. Danger sense. A full head-covering hood, its obsidian-eyed gaze blank and pitiless as the sun, made of the petrified? ossified? lignified? flayed face and scalp of a slain demigod. It divides the psychic universe into two: an inside and an outside. The two parts do not connect. Psychic touch, Trump or mind-sorcery do not cross. Neither do empathy or intuition. The Pallid Mask’s wearer assumes the socio-moral stance of a psychopath or gamergate believer. The builder of the mask attempted to compensate for the loss of intuition by giving the mask a sense for danger, which it displays to its wearer via a kind of HUD.
Trump 2 Unicorn deck
0 Mandor Sawall
Ally 2 Evgeny Venator
Bribe -10 Heraldry
Bribe -5 Food
Stuff 0

XP awarded and spent

  • Sessions 1 & 2 = 10 points
  • Added 4 each to Endurance and Warfare (representing him working out to get back into shape for an upcoming war, after a year in prison), and pick up a Unicorn Trump deck (by borrrowing a spare from the stationery casket in Oberon’s study) = less 10 points
  • Sessions 3 & 4 = 10 points
  • Session 5 = 5 points
  • Took control of Contrition and Containment.
  • Recovered the Pallid Mask.
  • Session 7, 8 = 10 points
  • Spent on Warfare
  • Session 10 = 10 points
  • Spent on Warfare
  • Session 12 = 10 points
  • Spent 4 adding Guardians to Golconda; 3 turning Bad Stuff to Zero stuff; 3 into Warfare.
  • Session 14 = 10 points
  • 5 in each of Endurance and Strength (Osric’s Curse is growing stronger!)
  • Session 16 = 10 points
  • Spent 4 in Strength, 6 in Warfare. Nice round numbers.
  • Session 19 = 15 points
  • Spent 5 in Endurance, 10 in Warfare. Every day is Mr Stick day.
  • 0 unspent