How old are you? Have you been rattling around since the early days, or are you a new addition to the family?

Relatively new. Have been around a little (probably in his 20s – 30s), however mostly kept out of the eyes of the court given Brands nature to ‘not really want to get involved, thanks, go away’.

What are you known for? Power? Subtlety? Duelling?

Subtlety – doesn’t get involved in the affairs of the court (mother’s advice), but if he did he’d be acting through an agent.

How would an average shadow-dweller react to you?

‘He seems like a nice, young chap.’

What in your life do you regret?

People not understanding father, father not really understanding me. Not entirely understanding why father didn’t step up and take a side. The idea that the right thing to do comes with a lot of politics. Needing to apologise to mother. In two or three sessions he’ll have some new regrets.

The Pattern

When did you walk the Pattern? How did it affect you?

Walked the pattern with father, mother waiting at the end. Gave him a much greater understanding of his father and his reasons.

Who took you to the Pattern room? Why?

Brand, like a ‘right of passage’

What did you do with you new power?

As little as possible. I was taught to respect it. Use it to move between shadows.


Who is your (likely) Amber parent? Do you get along with them?

Brand. When he was in his good moods, he was a mentor and loving parent.

What was your upbringing like? Was your Amber parent involved?

Mostly grew up under mothers guidance when father was ‘out of sorts’.

What about the rest of your family? Where do they come from? Are they still around?

Don’t know, starting to care. Don’t like them flinging Brand’s name around because ‘they can’. If he’s not here to defend himself, I might need to step up.

Who in the royal family do you connect with? Who among them do you hate?

Don’t hate any. Oberon I respect, mostly because he let mother live. (It took her years to tell me that story)


Is Amber home to you? If not, then where?

Nope, we sometimes go there for quick trips. Home is our shadow (now my shadow) called ‘Origin’ (named by the locals). A high magic realm which has a set of magical creatures known as the ‘Veset’ which govern it. These are controlled by the owner of the shadow, which was father and has now been passed to me.

Do you claim membership of any of Amber’s noble houses? Which one, and why?

The house of ‘Brand’??

Are you associated with any of Amber’s military or mercantile groups? Which one/s?

Ambers College of Bards / Musicians

Have you fought in any of Amber’s big wars (assuming you were old enough to)? Why/why not?

Nope, nope, nope…NOPE!

The Throne

Do you care who sits on the throne? Why/why not?

Nope. Better things to worry about.

Are you old enough to remember the fallout from Osric’s attempted coup? Were you involved?

At some point I’ll need to know.

How involved were you in the recent troubles between Erica, Corwin and Bleys? If you weren’t involved, why did you stay out of it? If you were involved, whose side were you on?

Brand had left, mother and I didn’t care, however some red headed bastard showed everyone a note which said ‘Brand is with us’ which is total bullshit. Mother and I now have to care about Amber again, only enough to clear Brand’s name, and through him, ours.