A lady of Rebma who was revealed as a weirmonken Aethling and killed by Luce.

Vialle’s family were once one of the great houses of Rebma, but their fortunes have fallen over the past century, and producing a blind heir did not help their position. Vialle managed to find a place at court as one of the wet-nurses for young Prince Martin, her own child having been still-born (unkind rumours suggested that her baby was born more deformed than its mother, and was thus smothered at birth). That she remained at court became something of a joke among the great houses, who regarded her as merely pitiable — physically maimed, and useful only as a princeling’s teething toy.

The lady forged a permanent place for herself at court despite her many detractors, and as well as remaining close to Prince Martin, she also became friends with Queen Moire. When Random of Amber (under threat of death for his treatment of Morganthe) came to Rebma during the throne war, Moire gave him a choice — accept his execution for causing her daughter’s death, or marry Vialle and remain with her for a year and a day. Unsurprisingly, Random chose the wedding. Surprisingly, even after the year passed, he remained in Rebma.