Mayor of Amber City and head of the City Corporation. She is not well liked by the Dukes, a fact she seems not in the least bit discomforted by.She styles herself ‘Lord’, refusing to accept what she calls the lesser title of ‘Lady’.

She began her career as a highwayman in order to raise funds to purchase her father’s inn from House Bayle, and in a short span of years became so sucessful she owned most of the inns on the pilgrim’s progress. She leveraged that into more property within the city, and now owns buildings in every quarter of Amber.

She then used her vast wealth in property and rent income to run for office, putting her now-famous single-minded determination to the task of rising through the ranks of the City Corporation. Although there are many (mostly men, it must be said) in the city who dislike her, none can fault her ability to do the job.