Dazed and Confused – Led Zeppelin.

So there I sit in a dining hall in the main castle at Amber, somewhere I think my parents have been trying to get me to avoid where at all possible.

Problem being; one of said parents is missing and presumed treasonous…and Caine would like to very much know where we are. We, in this case, being mother and myself. It seems that Fiona and Bleys in their Corwin inspired stupidity produced a letter which indicated that Brand was a member of the attempted coup. Now, I and my mother know this to not be true. Brand is on…walkabout, and couldn’t care less about who is on the throne.

So, a dining hall, at breakfast, in the castle of Amber, with a man who seems to have been around long enough to collect all the wonderful smells he’s discovered and wrap himself in them like a blanket.

I think I’ll just have the toast.

My he has an interesting book. A particular brand of sorcery I’m not completely familiar with, but then again I usually select my textbooks from the ‘non made of human skin’ collection.

Another gentleman arrives and seems to have an interesting proposition. Erica has…he seems rather pale…in any case, Erica has requested that he deal with a small problem of a Black Road which has managed to breach an area of the Forest of Arden. Mr Pale Man seems to have a history with Captain ‘Needs a Shower’. This could be to my benefit. Without solid evidence, having Erica owe me a favour could help to clear my fathers name.

We have an agreement, and a meeting place.

Two hours after midday, at the Square of the Cartographers.

Strays (Find Band)

A vampire, madman and a sorcerer walk into a town square. Yep, Vampire. A son of Osric. In terms of the sins of the father, I think I’m happy with the small touch of red hair and associations with treason in the long run.

Looks like this is the group of the waifs and strays. A Rebman and a suspiciously powerful Shadow Dweller from one of the Earth’s. (great music on Earth). Wait, no, pattern walker. That’s going to be fun to find out more about.

Seems she (Lara) has a similar problem with a Black Road. Well, that seems like a nice place to test out how to take these things down. So, all we now need is a quick way to Earth.

Stockholm Syndrome (Muse)

So, Lara seems to be under the impression that this is all a dream, or just a massive drug trip. Time to calm her down…make everything ok, she’s not crazy. Possibly not the best choice of music, but it seemed to work. However, I don’t know if I want to give the impression that to be in Amber and understand it is like a relationship between a hostage taker and their willing victim…actually, that was probably perfect.

Hyper Chondriac Music (Muse)

Discover everything that’s wrong in the area. Reveals tendrils of going for snipers. Lara had been talking to the ‘leader’ of the black road folks, keeping them distracted while the rest of us looked around. I thought about a different approach…glad I did. Sneaky little bastards tried to flank us. Time to see what this group can do.

Showbiz (Muse)

Yep…all of these people are on my ‘not to piss off’ list. The Rebman went…I suppose you could call it ‘batshit insane with a sword or three’, the madman got us all in the right position, along with the soldiers, Lara kept the leader beautifully distracted from my ‘HELLO HAVE PATTERN IN YOUR FACE’ while the Vampire slid up behind him and…ouch.

Well, job well done there.

Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac)

There is another Amberite here…she seems nice, just wants to be left alone…seemed interested in how Luce was doing…wait, if her hair was different…I thought she was dead?

Time for a quick trip to catch up with the others at a pub. A question comes from Luce: ‘Are we on neutral ground?’

This is going to end well. ‘Yes?’

‘I’m going to kill your father. Because reasons.’


Need to keep him away from mother. Actually, to see what mother does to him would be amusing. I’m a little concerned, but mother seems to have her own friends as well.

Black Dog – Led Zeppelin

The pattern. Hagen’s is wrong, broken at the eighth bend. Probably the curse, as ours is intact. That’s a damn big curse.

Yeah, I’ll stick with the red hair, thanks.