Karüm is a dying shadow of ecological collapse and cultural misery. It is ruled by the Lach, a cabal of necromantic sorcerers whose efforts towards personal immortality have nigh destroyed their homeland. Once Karüm was a high-magic world, but its power was exhausted by the Lach as fast as their industrial hunger ravaged its mineral and biological resources. Now the only magical energy comes from the Lach’s crystalline oneirophagos tombs that necromantically strip the memories and emotions from their slowly dying occupants.

Once Karüm was a beautiful world. Now gaping pit mines and the shattered landscapes of saturation bombing show where Lach industry and ritual warfare have been. The Lach force their mortal subjects to war to inflame passions and waste materiel, and so the strongest and most passionate among them can be harvested for the oneirophagos tombs. The populations are encouraged to breed fast to replace the losses.

The Lach capture of Hagen and his excruciation in an oneirophagos tomb over a couple of decades was like the discovery of cold fusion for them. Hagen only managed to free himself when the Weir came to Karum and assualted the Lach strongholds. He hopes they eat each other.