The Yantary DSR is a ramshackle former satellite state of a moribund Communist empire, the Obless Polity. Physically situated in the south-east of a continent not unlike Earth’s Europe, Yantary shares many attributes of the eastern European nations of the 1970s and early 80s.

Yantary’s world, Europa, is also quite similar to Earth. It is distinguished most significantly by the presence of aeonium, a gas that can be harnessed to provide powerful lift and propulsion: in the last 100 years, dreadnought battles have occurred in the air, not the sea. The superpowers USEA, Obless and Sinan maintain vast fleets of aerial warships. They have also learned to make fission-style explosives out of aeonium, but since these can be delivered satisfactorily by the fleets, they have not learned ballistics.

Historically, Yantary was a fractious land of petty city-states until it was unified by a talented mercenary, Irad the Drachon. Irad’s descendants, the Drachon Family, ruled Yantary for five hundred years until they were overthrown and executed by a people’s revolution some seventy years ago. The Drachons were hereditary vampires, an open secret in Yantary.

Historically powerful, Yantary had become weak under the reactionary rule of the Drachons. Despite the heroic efforts of the Yantar Legion of Stariye to defend it, it became little more than a battle-ground in the world wars that redefined Europa. It was finally conquered by Obless in their war with Soldat and the USEA, and became a client state, its constitution rewritten to conform to serve Oblessen interests. When Obless’s one-party government fell to corruption Yantary’s people rose up and threw out their Party rulers in the so-called ‘Bergamot Revolution’. In the decade since, Yantary has revived its own constitution and has started the long process of rebuilding a devastated and neglected land. However, corruption is rife, and militant nationalism and apathy impede progress. Yantary has a pending application to join the USEA-led Helvetican Common Market in order to benefit from its grant and assistance programs.

Yantary was once Hagen’s personal Shadow—he found it as Irad the Drachon. He left it behind when his wife Lilit was killed, faking his death and leaving the Shadow to his children. He has visited it only a handful of times since, hoping that by letting the Shadow fall out of connection to himself, it will be spared the attentions of the Weirmonken.