Elixirs for Providing Recovery, and Vigor, in a Number of Rare Occurrences – Five volumes
A folio of illustrations, formulae, and techniques relating to non-standard medical issues.

Grape and The City – Fermenting Unrest in Baylesport, single volume
A travelogue recording in octavio, with simple illustrations, and referencing wine-making and rebellion in Amber’s neighbor.

On the Arts of the Sword from Around Shadow
Relatively slim, quarto titles, but with many sketches and illustrations, and very concise.

  • Vol I – The Teachings of Prince Benedict, Lord of Amber
  • Vol II – The Further Teachings of Prince Benedict, and thoughts on War in Shadow
  • Vol III – Observations on the Swordplay of Princess Erica, Lady of Amber
  • Vol IV – Practical Drills for Combat at Sea, from the Training of House Chantris
  • Vol V – Advanced Drills and Techniques for Combat at Sea
  • Vol VI – The Lower Hand – Techniques for Those Other Than Gentlemen
  • Vol VII – On the Practicalities of Various Size of Weapon, and Their Uses
  • Vol VIII – The Teachings of Ser Aduian Du Marr, Knight of Shadow (deceased)
  • Vol IX – The Collected and Revised Book of the Greatsword, in the Author’s Humble Study
  • Vol X – Observations on the Techniques of the Meisters of Kallas (deceased)
  • Vol XI – The Teachings of Miyamoto Musashi, Knight of Shadow (deceased) (also known in some Shadows as The Book of Five Rings)
  • Vol XII – On the Arts of the Blade, and Their Application to General Conflict


Pleasures Infinite – The Shadows of Sin
A series bound in octavio, with very detailed, perversely small illustrations, and many lurid and seeming anatomically challenging descriptions.

  • Vol I – Tenebrae, Home of the Cult of Flowers
  • Vol II – Calabashtar, and the Castle of Five Women
  • Vol III – Galto Tor, and the Pit of Flesh
  • Vol IV – The Princess and the Pauper, a Tale of Victorian Excess
  • Vol V – Dead Things, More Teeth – On the Habits of the Undead
  • Vol VI – The Seas of O
  • Vol VII – All Things in Time – Immortality and Denial

The Wars of Amber – One volume per Weirmonken War
Quarto bound, in leather and fine vellum. Maps and many interviews with veterans and some helpful Princes and Princesses

Meditations on Power
A series of sizes of book, with varying bindings and covers.

  • Vol I – On Oberon, and the True Nature of Power
  • Vol II – On the Nature of Tyrants, and the Troubles of Same
  • Vol III – Taking Power, Keeping Power – a Collection of Case Studies
  • Vol IV – Nine Princes in Amber: Corwin’s War
  • Vol V – Work in Progress