Owner Sioned rch Florence
Style Dadao type blade
Total Length 120cm (48in)
Blade 95cm (38in)
Hilt 25cm (10in)
Depth 6.5cm (2.5in) to 9.5cm (3.75in) at the curve
Width at Spine 7mm (1/4in) at the base – 5mm (1/8in) at the tip
Weight 938g
Balance Point 15cm (6in) forward of the base of the blade
Attributes Self Healing, Double Damage, Alternate Form*

Shallan’s Notes: “A single edged weapon of exceptional Veden workmanship. The maker’s mark indicates it is forged of folded Vorin jewel steel, out of Kholinar by Luesh of Jah Keved. Unusually for a utilitarian blade, it has been highly polished to a silvery hue that almost seems to glow. The clear layering visible on the blade appears like water markings.”
Leush’s Notes: “After careful study of the pictures provided (of which quality is remarkable, I had almost seemed to be looking at them in my hands), and consideration of the client’s request, I have made modifications to the blade width from spine to tip and weight to create a finer balance point, and additional folding of the metal to ensure greater strength. The blade is long, but the width of the spine tapers after the first half. It is also slightly narrower than the source material, making it easily used with a single hand. However, the handle is still long enough to get a second hand on it for difficult cuts. I would hardly have parted with it, but that the compensation was considerable, and has already brought interest from other parties”
Lesson - Alternate Form
Lesson – Alternate Form
*Alternate Form Back Tattoo
Length Base of the skull to the coccyx
Pigment Black with an occasional silver-grey shimmer
Shallan’s Notes: “When “drawn”, the ink of the blade swarms rapidly down the desired arm in an array of patterns that combine with a condensing from of mist to appear in the hand, water beading along the metal length. When the Blade is dropped, released, or commanded so, it reverts to the previous form with equal rapidity. In practice forms, I have seen her call the blade to either hand in quick succession. Similarities to the Shardblades is easily drawn, but Sioned will not share the devices by which it has been accomplished.”