Owner Lucifer, son of Alma, prince of Amber
Style Longsword
Total Length 130cm (51in)
Blade 105cm (41in)
Hilt 25cm (10in)
Depth 4.14cm (1.63in), then sharp point
Weight 1.8kg
Balance Point 20cm (8in) forward of the base of the blade
Attributes Double Damage, Endless Endurance (transferred), Armoured (transferred), Rack named & numbered spells


Excerpt from ‘The Collected and Revised Book of the Greatsword’: “Mine own personal blade is of a tolerable length, forged of steel that fell to earth in Shadow of that I was occasioning some Time in. It was made with a singular purpose – to Slay me, and it was almost quite Enough for the Task. It was only my humble talents that were able to revivify my body after the event, at which point I had to perform rather delicate surgery to remove the weapon from my Person. I can assure you that removing 41 inches of Fae-wrought metal, bound about with charms of Endurance and Protection, is no simple task. However, it did occur to me that such a weapon, named and ranked one of the best swords ever made in that remarkable Kingdom, could be of further use. I made it mine then, and discovered more of its secrets over the period of one hundred and one years.”