Kashfa is arguably the oldest of Amber’s Golden Circle shadows. Being so close to the great unchanging land for so long has made Kashfa similarly static, however the Kashfans use this to their advantage and have taken on a slow deliberateness to everything they do. It is no coincidence that there have been no successful incursions to Kashfa, nor even serious uprisings within her borders, since the Second Weirmonken War.

  • Capital: Jidrāsh
  • Government: Hereditory Diarchy
    Heads of State: King Sukuta and Queen Mother Tibati
    Ambassador to Amber: Libota Zinhlu
  • Religion: Church of the Unicorn (with local variations)
  • Demonym: Kashfan
  • Official languages: Jarawan, Thari, Buntak, Azumeina
  • Ethnic groups: Jidrāshi 78%, Kulung 16%, others 6%
  • Magic: High, but limited to basic elemental effects
  • Powers: Pattern and Trump are unhindered
  • Technology:
    Quality of life: TL2
    Transportation: TL3
    Military: TL1
  • Time flow: 1 to 1 with Amber
  • Way to Amber: Northern Ocean

Kashfa is a land of flat plains, bordered by small hills. The landscape is dotted with pools and lakes fed by underground springs — running water is an anomaly to Kashfans, and as a consequence the Garnathi tell jokes about moon-eyed Jidrāshi travellers entranced by the Oisin. The capital of Kashfa, Jidrāsh, sits on the edge of a massive lake called the “Eye of the Moon”, and it’s here that the Jidrāshi have their revenge on visitors, for such is its size that a sea-going vessel from Amber can sail into the lake as though it were part of an ocean. This is always greatly disturbing to newcomers.

Visitors will find that Kashfans are unfailingly polite, and their speech is littered with ‘praise-names’ — words appended to a person’s name meant to curry favour, such as ‘honoured’, ‘sweet-smelling’, or ‘fleet-footed’. This may stem from the fact that all Jidrāshi, male or female, are trained as warriors from a very young age, and so they go out of their way to avoid real fights. A proven Jidrāshi warrior may find themselves lucky enough to be allowed to train one of the mighty kifaru that graze the great plains. These creatures are smart and loyal, extremely strong, and capable of astonishing bursts of speed given their enormous size. They are the tanks of the Kashfan army, and kifaru knights have served on almost every Amber battlefield.

Kashfa is ruled by a hereditory diarchy, with the king representing the strength of the people, and the queen mother taking charge on spiritual matters. On the death of the queen mother, the king’s wife takes on that role, and she also serves as regent if her own first-born son is too young to rule when his father dies.

The ethnic minority Kulung people were once the subject of serious institutionalised racism, but thanks to concerted efforts by a succession of moderate queen mothers, they are no longer discriminated against. They generally do not serve in the Kashfan army, but a great many can be found working the docks, and serving on Chantris trade ships.