Begma is not one of the oldest Golden Circle shadows, but it is certainly one of the more powerful ones. Because of Begma’s vast size and efficient transport system, they have become one of the main exporters of food to Amber and other shadows in the region. It is also the only shadow in the Golden Circle where gunpowder works, and Begman technology is much higher than any of their neighbours.

  • Capital: Taraz
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy
    Head of State: Sarish Khan
    Prime Minister: Dzhabay
    Ambassador to Amber: Madina
  • Religion: Church of the Unicorn
  • Demonym: Begman
  • Official languages: Begmani, Thari, Buntak
  • Ethnic groups: Uli 12%, Orta 31%, Kişi 52%, other 5%
  • Magic: High, but limited to heavily structured ritualistic effects
  • Powers: Pattern and Trump are unhindered
  • Technology:
    Quality of life: TL4
    Transportation: TL4
    Military: TL2
  • Time flow: 1 to 1 with Amber
  • Way to Amber: Northern Ocean

Visitors to Begma arrive at the capital Taraz, and usually first complain about the cold. Then they complain about the smoke. Begma has both in abundance.

Taraz is the jewel of Begma. A city of nearly two million people, it is also a transport hub, with a huge steamtrain station to collect foodstuffs and an efficient port to ship it out.

Begmans are generally a friendly people, however visitors find some of their customs make them appear stand-offish. Most Begmans will offer visitors only their first name in general conversation. Begman names are lengthy and complicated, involving patronymics tracing their lineage back to their seventh forefather. This is important to show which ethnic group a Begman belongs to. The ruling Uli group are known for their skills in governance and politics. The Orta are known for their poets and intellectuals. The numerically largest group are the Kişi, who are predominantly nomadic farmers known for their fierce warriors. There are very few Kişi living in the capital.