In truth, Eregnor is not a Golden Circle shadow. The treaty has not been formally signed, because both Begma and Kashfa oppose Eregnor’s inclusion in the Golden Circle. That aside, the shadow is a protectorate of House Chantris, and is responsible for building many of Amber’s sea-going vessels. Eregnor is for all intents and purposes, a member of the Golden Circle, whatever Begma and Kashfa might say about it.

  • Capital: Valdrada
  • Government: Timocracy
    Head of State: Doge Ermes Marana
    Ambassador to Amber: Ludmilla Palomar
  • Religion: Church of the Unicorn (with local variations)
  • Demonym: Regnant
  • Official languages: Vènet, Vallese, Buntak, Thari
  • Ethnic groups: Vèneti 69%, Istriot 23%, Chantris 6%, others 2%
  • Magic: Medium, limited to effects that can be bound to inanimate objects
  • Powers: Pattern and Trump are unhindered
  • Technology:
    Quality of life: TL8
    Transportation: TL3
    Military: TL2
  • Time flow: 1 to 1 with Amber
  • Way to Amber: Northern Ocean

Eregnor is a world of water, mist and rain. Clear days are rare, and Regnants will never be without the wide-brimmed hat that is almost a national costume. They are traders and builders by nature, and skilled at games of wordplay.