Under normal circumstances, Amber does not maintain a standing army. With a Black Road in the Vale of Garnath however, a garrison has been installed. The garrison is under the day-to-day command of Lord Edan Karm, but in the event of an incursion, prince Luce is the garrison’s commander. The garrison consists of two units.

The first unit, under Lord Edan Karm, are Garnathi troops.

  • Company of 200 Curadhmen (basically Edan’s personal guard) on proper Garnathi striped horses. They tend to charge with lances then get off and fight with sword and shield. Their horses also fight, and are armoured to suit.
  • Four warbands of 500 of Scethe each. They specialise in shield walls and flying wedges. They are mounted, but really only use their horses to get to the fight quickly.
  • Saggers, who are just there to do the earthworks, but will fight if necessary. 100 soldiers.
  • 2300 total

The second unit are Arden Rangers, under Steward Runa Caderyn.

  • Eight companies of archers, 250 soldiers each.
  • Two companies of 100 light skirmishers each, who are essentially the front line for the archers.
  • Three Troop-Callers (An artefact like a mine. Activate and stand back. Instant mandrill troops, wherever you want them.)
  • Steward Esmond Feldane on speed-dial (Esmond is a very experienced sorcerer, but the Garnathi don’t like the Feldane…)
  • 2200, plus extras, total
In an emergency, the third unit can be trumped in. This is fronted by Prince Caine. He has a Pattern Blade.
  • Ship’s company of marines (Essentially his personal guard. Equipped with artefacts that give them a “somebody else’s problem” field. Anybody with less than Amberite Psyche will keep forgetting that they’re there.)
  • Mage Cadre of 5 Baelish sorcerers (Not as good as Feldanic sorcerers, but they’ll do the job, they take orders, and the Garnathi won’t fight with them.)
  • 105 total, Caine notwithstanding