Lucifer, in his many travels and journeys, has gathered a large library of research. One topic of study he holds dear is that of arcane power, spellcrafting, and other magicks. He has many grimoires, scrolls, and other collections. There are also books of his own works, spells of his own creation. There are however some spells he has always racked and ready, both innately, through the power of Amber’s Pattern, and held within the spell-etched steel of his sword, Night’s Edge.


Rust never sleeps

A short range spell that targets the metal accouterments of up to a dozen people. The spell both opens a gate to a harsh, salty sea-side atmosphere, and accelerates the natural entropic field of all things. It’s effect is to, in moments, cause armour, weapons, buckles, and other parts to rust away to nothingness. Racked in: Night’s Edge x2.

Mors ultima linea rerum est

Calls upon the necromantic ether of a certain Shadow, and channels it into a concentrated wave of anti-life power. Another close range spell, but will affect any in its path, rendering them dust and bone in the time it takes to breath three times. Racked in: Night’s Edge x2.

Soul Keeper

A necromantic charm to bind a soul to a dead body, and in turn regenerate it. The limitation of the spell are that it only works on the caster, and that it effectively resurrects the caster the next dawn. Repeated use has been known to have deleterious effect on its practitioners. Racked in: Luce’s own mind x1; Night’s Edge x2.

Crush Depth

By opening a short Shadow warren from the Shadow of the caster and target, to the nearest abyssal depth, this spell causes instant and rather spectacular death. Racked in: Night’s Edge x2.

Was it Not Thus?

A cantrip of the High Compelling school. This spell compels its target to reveal their plans and intentions in a monologue. Racked in: Night’s Edge x1

The Hands of a King

A simple healing spell, using positive energies to knit flesh and bone, expel simple poisons, and calm the mind. Racked in: Night’s Edge x1.

The Coming Storm

Creates a vast and angry storm, complete with lashing rain, lightning strikes, and claps of thunder. The storm automatically appears approximately one mile in the caster’s rear, approaching the caster. Racked in: Night’s Edge x1.

Monstrous Regiment

Summons the dead from the earth, animating them to the will of the caster. Number of zombies, animate skeletons, shambling mounds of ghastly remains summoned depends upon location, but minimum is approximately half a dozen. A battlefield, or a large graveyard, however, could summon many more. Racked in: Night’s Edge x1