Emil, being relatively young, has only just started to compose his own spells and relies upon many of the standard spells with his own slight modifications.

All but one of these spells are held racked in a small music player which he keeps inside an inner jacket pocket.

Self Teleport (Show me the way to go home) – Stored in Emil’s Pattern brain thingy

The ‘get me the hell out of here’ spell which is aimed at teleporting the caster to the Shadow ‘Origin’.

Lynchpins: Magic of Shadow, Transport with Possessions, Transport to a specific location. The last lynchpin is designed for when the spell is cast at another individual. Rather than going to Emil’s sanctum they will instead be transported to a deep ravine with surface walls so smooth they are impossible to climb. At the top of the ravine is a lookout point complete with screens to view the bottom of the ravine, and a bowl of refilling popcorn.

Music Player Spells

Mind Touch (Suspicious Minds – Elvis)

Mentok, the mind taker! Usually works by putting a song into someone’s head and using it as a way to sync the two minds together as Emil has the same song in his, however Emil maintains control.

Quell (Go to Sleep – Radiohead)

The target of the spell goes to sleep, willing to ignore the situation that they are in. For an additional use of power and a lynchpin, the target might also forget about what was happening before undergoing the sleep spell, or be convinced to forget the entire situation completely.

Defensive Shield (U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer)

A simple shield which surrounds the caster and protects them from physical harm. Has only a single weakness: a person armed with a plagiarism accusation.

Invisibility (Mister Cellophane – John C Reilly)

An invisibility spell which can run off standard magic (like a cloaking device) or high compelling to make individuals in a field around the caster be either distracted from seeing the caster, or not remember the caster when looked at.

Stasis (Hold Me – Fleetwood Mac)

High Compelling, unless Emil has any control over the shadow or feels like fighting it’s owner. The targets reactions slow depending on the effort put into the spell.

Ring Of Fire – Johnny Cash

Even though he’s not a traditional Feldane, a massive, all engulfing fire spell was going to be in the mix somewhere. This is Emil’s version of it which has the fire exist in the person’s mind (great for maintaining property value). Capable of making the damage permanent or temporary is one of the lynchpins, as is the number of targets.

We’re in This Together – Nine Inch Nails

For lack of a better term “Battle Meditation”. The caster situates themselves in the centre of a group and seeks a telepathic connection with each. (Surface thoughts). The caster then connects the group together to allow for instant communication, action and reaction.

Teleport (Take Me Away – Avril Lavigne)

Beam Me Up, Scotty! Emil typically has a lynchpin set to have this spell teleport him two metres in the direction he’s looking. A quick escape that will release him from any bonds. Otherwise, with extra effort this spell can take him to any location which doesn’t have active blocking.

Sandstorm (A Storm is Coming – Hans Zimmer)

A spell which was taken from the mind of Random (and then washed and scrubbed quite a bit), this is designed to block a persons mind from forming any coherent thought. Like a paralysing spell, but only of the mind. It will have a single weakness against the original caster, or the one who trained them. They will recognise it immediately and be immune.

Scrying Spell (Butterflies and Hurricanes – Muse)

A twist on Emil’s Black Road spell. A series of sprites (Butterflies) are sent out to hunt a particular target. The lynchpin is the information Emil has on the target itself, whether physical, or based on thoughts and feelings (or associated songs)

Calm (Lily’s Theme / The Resurrection Stone – Alexandre Desplat)

There are multiple uses for this spell, once again depended on the lynchpin. This is a tune that Emil’s mother used to hum to him in times when Brand was…not himself. The tune, while somewhat melancholy, helps to focus Emil’s actions against outside influences. In a pinch, the spell can be used to calm and focus the actions of those around him, but it will not have as much of an affect.

Sabotage – Beastie Boys

Breaks shit. As for what it breaks, that is entirely dependent on the lynchpins placed on the spell. This is one of Emil’s longer spells which isn’t created as completely as the others when hung in his music player. Instead, Emil keeps the method of destruction hung (usually component pieces falling apart with a Loony Tunes’esque sound effect occurring soon after), and uses the lynchpins to designate the target of the spell. This also serves as a self destruct for the music player. Rather than someone getting their hands on it, the right psychic link between Emil and the player will force the destructive effects onto it, and also the person holding it at the time.