An aid memoir. Not for distribution

Not weirtainted, found family I didn’t know was lost, assisted in a disaster relief effort, rescued an apparent psychopath, helped start a war and almost died. How was your week?

During my research on the Wier, I came across a familiar family crest, well the family name wasn’t familiar, but the sejant hound was the same as that on my mother’s locket. House Venator. Not a family of the blood, but important. I had no idea how my mother had come to have it until I came across the account, written by an Olivia Venator, of the weirmonken attack in Amber itself. More questions than answers there, but my research gave me a direction to go asking in.

Prince Madoc confirmed I was not weir tainted, (but what is it Luce saw then?) and answered my questions about pregnancy, Oberon’s blood line and the possibility of taint.

Deirdre was not welcoming at first, it took me showing her my mum’s locket and telling her that I was Olivia’s daughter to move her an inch. It appears she knew my mum very well and that my mum was indeed the Olivia Venator who wrote the account of the incursion into Amber. Deirdre was very upset, crushed I would have to say, at the news of Mum’s death.

Though it’s more complicated than that and I don’t really understand the how of it all.

Apparently, according to my grandfather (Grandfather?!?), Deirdre and my mother were lovers, in a serious long-term relationship. My mum got pregnant and had to leave, about 6 years ago in Amber time. That’s the bit I don’t understand, how could she get pregnant to Deirdre (obvs, not possible, must be someone else) and what was so terrifying about it (and Deirdre was terrified, of that I’m sure), that she had to leave? I know she gave the locket to Mum when she left, as protection (thanks to Bran for that info). I haven’t asked Deirdre about this yet, I tried to initiate a conversation, but she wasn’t willing to talk.

I would have pushed the point harder, but Rebma was in the middle of a natural disaster caused by a tidal wave, then there was the whole being told to rescue Prince Random, doing so and then going and hunting his wife because he said she was a Weirmonken.

That’s where the war bit and the almost dying comes in.

Possibly convening everyone in a bar wasn’t a good choice, in fact, I’ll say it really wasn’t a good choice. I don’t know what happened between Emil, Random, Luce and Hagen, but fucking hell you could have cut the tension with a knife. And Luce is Random’s father? What? Does this mean he’s Ella’s as well? How do I even broach that with her? I’ve told her the rest of what follows, just not that. File that away in the “Yet Another Difficult Conversation” bucket.

Much arguing ensued at the bar, plans were made, yelled about, broken, and then everyone buggered off without me. I really should have left well enough alone and gone back to London. Stupid.

Sioned brought me through, I still had no real idea what the plan was except Vialle, that’s Random’s wife, was Weir and to be killed and I was to try and get to her and get whatever information I could out of her head before she was killed.

Events get kind of hazy here, so much was going on. Emil, Sioned entered the Throne Room at the palace of Rebma with Pattern up, Luce was already in there and I think he put Pattern up as well. The guards looked none too happy. Hagen came in with me. While everyone was focussing on my friends with their Pattern, I saw Vialle at the back and tried to make my way towards her. More distraction, I’m not really sure what happened, but I managed to get a hand on Vialle. I couldn’t get a read on her, but she started shifting shape to try and get away. I must have yelled in surprise, because that’s when all hell broke loose. Luce did some sort of spell, similar to what I helped him with on the black road in Garnath (oh yeah, that also happened. Emil was standing on it, trying some sort of spell to find where it was coming from and there was a skirmish, death, I helped Luce channel energy from a necromantic world. Sioned came in and blew the whole thing up. God, how did I forget to even mention this earlier). Anyway, Luce did his thing and people started crumbling. I don’t know how I managed to escape its effect, I was still holding on to Vialle. She died, but it took a while. I now think she must have been an Æthling.

I was too far away to really see the detail of what happened next, but the Queen killed Luce and we were escorted to the stairs, told never to return. War with Rebma seems certain I think.

Ella responded to my trump and I’m now sitting in her house in whatever the hell shadow this is. Don’t really care, there’s booze and a cute guy.

So, that was the week. Still so many questions. The black road is at the centre of this all. I need to do something about that. I think that, whatever is wrong with me, will give me some decent resistance against it.