A letter sent by pattern magic to Efa/Commote Arianhrod of Llew

Your Grace,

I will not take up more of your time than necessary.

I have received the summons to give evidence before the Royal Commission. Given the recent proclamation in regards to Amberite presence in Rebma, I assume that this is a matter of course, and respectfully decline.

I return to you my great great great grandmother’s house torc. I understand that, after the recent events in Rebma, I am no longer worthy to possess it. I also return my late mother’s remaining official house accoutrements, save for her sword. I cannot lose all of her, and I hope you will excuse this small thing.

My purpose was only to remove a danger from our city, but the outcome was neither of my making, nor my intent. Even so, I take full responsibility for bringing elements in to play, thereby allowing this thing to happen. The Weimonken threaten us all, and though I am young, I am as determined to defend our freedoms as my mother and her ancestors before her.

I willingly remove my name from the family records, for although I believe I acted in accordance with my conscience, I have also brought shame upon my mother’s line. All I would ask is that her name, and her family not be tainted by my actions, as they were, and remain honourable servants of Rebma.

Taith da

Sioned rch Brân

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