“Report to Erica immediately.”

I suppose she is going to want to know my reasons.

To begin with, my father is alive and as insane as usual. The difference is, now he is back to his full capacities and probably more paranoid than ever. On the Brand scale of things, I’d call that a win.

The spell was successful, despite the slight loss of the bottom three or four centimetres of my feet, nicely put back together by a Feldane sorcerer who has a much cooler lifestyle and job than any of us. In the midst of the spell I heard three distinct songs. Any of them could help be chart a course through shadow to find what lies there. With hope, it’s the source of these Weirmonken attacks.

After that…all was well. Except for Rebma which seemed to be suffering from the effects of a somewhat random tidal wave. Things seemed calm. I even had an opportunity to have a conversation with Luce which didn’t end in a duel or any confrontation…until Random was trumped into the room.

I had remembered that he was under a particularly solid mind altering spell, so with Luce’s assistance we dove into his mind to remove the blocks. Some very interesting things were found in there. A sandstorm (fairly standard but powerful mental block that I might have kept a piece of…for fun), and a sea of ice which in fact was Amber cities main harbour with a good view of someone falling from one of the castle’s towers.

Mirelle. I’m fairly certain that with blonde hair, I’ve seen her before.

A lot of this was hitting Luce particularly hard. This was the reason why I stepped back from the situation. This was intensely personal for him. The good thing being that he was the guide for this mind walk, I was just a large battery.

Cue my surprise when we emerged from the spell, Hagan comes in at my request, and then the two of them decide to kill Random.

Things I am happy about: crafting a spell to ensure that no harm can come to another while standing in the room. I had some time while Luce and Random were still unconscious to craft it, considering that I felt Random might not be entirely right of mind or trustworthy.

Things I am not happy about: two people deciding to commit murder against another person, simply because he seemed to be “too difficult” or possibly didn’t fit into their view of how the universe should work.

Things I’m really not happy about: a so called “ally” holding a knife to my throat because I didn’t want him to murder anyone.

I believe that was the beginning of ‘fuck Amber.’

So, I walked into Shadow after those songs.

Go about your business
Act as if you’re free
No one could have witnessed
What you did to me

A small military encampment in the middle of a forest, with two long lost members of the Royal Family. Martin; who had apparently had a run in with Fiona which has left him unable to speak, and Alma…Luce’s mother.

Both entirely reasonable people considering what has been done to both of them (Alma trapped in a fashion which reminds me of Brand’s imprisonment), and both supporting the Weirmonken in their attempts to stop the encroachment of Amber’s power into their territory.

Apparently the Weirmonken are a conglomerate of shadow dwellers who understand shadow for what it is, and are able to travel, like someone who has walked the pattern, to different parts of it. Thanks to what Oberon did, Amber has become a massive power which is beginning to spread and affect each shadow around it, changing them in it’s own image. These Weirmonken are fighting to stem the tide, but it’s a loosing battle.

Alma took me to a man named Suhuy, who said much of the same thing. Alma called him “one of the oldest Shadow dwellers she’d ever met”, and I believe it. He has a theory to help stop the spread of Amber’s power and to give these enlightened shadow dwellers a refuge: create another ‘pole’, an opposite to Amber.

It was a compelling argument, and almost sold me except for the fact that he needed one of Oberon’s gems to make it work.

It’s one thing to help stop the Weirmonken’s attacks, but to do it I’d have to commit treason and steal from the treasury. I wasn’t quite prepared to do that.

Until Rebma.

Called back to the group, their intentions were to travel to Remba and uncover whether or not the royal family had the Weirmonken taint. Random wanted to go specifically to murder his wife for the mind control spell she placed upon him, and if she was tainted then that is a reason I could accept. I agreed, on the proviso that if it was proven that they were not tainted that we’d do nothing since nothing needed to be done.

So, three Amberite’s raised pattern in the Remba throne room, no taint was found, and Luce decided to throw up a ‘wall of death’ and kill as many people as he could. Lara would have fallen victim to the spell as well, had I not thrown a shield up to protect her.

Wholesale murder, and probably sparking a war between Rebma and Amber, for whatever reason Luce could concoct. And I thought Brand was insane…

And so I left. There was a distraction in the castle which allowed me easy access to the treasury and Oberon’s staff.

My reason: Perhaps the Royal Family of Amber wouldn’t be so lax about murder if there was another power in the universe that could hold them to task.

…but really, I am my father’s son.

I now have the opportunity to be a part of the creation of a pole of the universe. As it turns out, I can’t say no to that.