Vol V
With a focus on the Sixth Weirmonken War, and the asymmetrical tactics involved in its prosecution
(all references also the Work of the Learned Author)

It was Spring. Flowers Bloomed in the fields of Garnath. In the High Passes, the melt had created a torrent of unlocked ice. Not damaging, of course.

The ravages of water are ever under Amber’s control.

But in this season, in the month of Saint Calumny – arguably the most awkward of saints – did the Forces arrayed upon the Black Road make a push upon Amber. High in the Vale of Garnath, where there taint had such Awful Ruin, Queen Erica had already arrayed such forces as she could spare; Amber is, Obviously, all powerul, but that power is… diffused. In most of the previous Wars the Crown could call upon Shadow troops to meet our Implacable foe in advance. That they often found away to Counter Amber’s plans is merely testament to their Monstrous capacity for belligerence.

But this latest War, somehow, they were able to plant their Flag upon Amber’s very doorstep, as I have said in previous Volumes.

So. A standing force, merely some Thousands. Led by the best of the Nobility from the City and its Houses. And, I am humbled to say, under my Command. A more humble Author would rely upon others to recount the tale; but the truth of the matter is that our victory was assured, and any of my Kin could have had the Command of it. With troops from House Karm, skilled Rangers from the Realm of Arden, and backed up by my Uncle, the Prince Caine… what hope could they have?

Such was our defence that we employed Prince Emil, Brand’s get, to assay the very Black Road they strode in upon. Thousands of the Weirmonken died; Prince Hagen lead a charge of the most puissant cavalry, Sorcerers of Feldane drew Fire from the sky. Songs, to this day, are still sung of that battle.

And, yet, it was the seed for darker Deeds to come.

Some days before a Most uncommon wave came out of the vasty deeps of the Ocean. Some of the common folk of the City say it was the Unicorn’s final judgement upon those who had, with Great Regret, been touched by previous Wars. Others think it was a lapse of the Queen’s. Other’s still insist it was the dark work of a Prince. Regardless, it struck upon the shores with mighty Fury. It made landfall upon Sarrat, and wiped that most Miserable of places from existence.

The Great Wave Off Saraat, by an un-named Venway artist. Mount Kolvir is depicted in the Background.

It also cause some Disturbance in the City of Rebma, whose Wards had been so left to Neglect that there were many who died from the calamity.

Amber was Quick to offer Support and Solace.

My role as Historian here becomes fraught. Ever have I tried to make a good account of these Events, but as this war went on I was drawn deeper and deeper into them. Others will state this plainer than I ever could, and have no Doubt assigned Blame and Cause for Retribution. I will not Judge them.

I say only this: that when it was apparent that an Aethling was exerting Influence upon Rebma’s Court, I acted. That I killed some worthies of that Court, I do not deny.

I would do so again, to keep Amber’s enemies from her Door.

And yet I am not unaware of the Consequences of this action, that many see Rash.

I lived with it Then. I happily live with it Now. But, at the risk of Ruining the Narrative of this history, let me say this: I regret the Consequences among those that I had feigned to call Friend.