Walk the Pattern to find Oberon, because you’ve been tasked with finding the lost members of the house of Amber and it seems like finding the king would be a good start to that.

End up where Sionned is, because that’s where Benedict is. Then that also becomes where Luce, Emil and Hagen turn up. Oh the universe is having a lot of fun here.

Have the 5 of us storm a castle full of the Wier to rescue Oberon, because Benedict, for whatever reason (politics I’m assuming) has been laying siege to the castle for 6 months instead of taking it with his troops. (Actually this was kind of fun. Sionned and I work well together, and holy crap can she fight with that sword! I’ve never zotted people with my mind before, it was thrilling at the time, but now I’m not so sure. The heat of battle I guess, do what needs to be done).

Find Oberon (yay team us) who is trapped in the most complicated box thing, to keep him un-contactable and in stasis apparently. He was put there by Brand, according to the Weir.

Take Oberon to safety in MI6, decide that’s not right and end up back on the world we were initially.

Contact Erica to let her know we’ve found Oberon, assuming that she’d want him back ASAP.


Well, it seems that, despite Erica asking us to go out and find the “Lost” she doesn’t actually want them when you find them. She’s declared that Oberon is our responsibility and Hagen has backed her up on this.

Ok, right.

Luce has buggered off who knows where, Emil has proven himself untrustworthy (Me: “Promise me you won’t tell Brand we’ve found this”, Emil: “I won’t tell Brand”. Me: “Ok, {explains situation}”. Emil: “I need to go and find Brand and ask about this.”) and Hagen has stated his position (i.e., we must do as Erica asks), but probably won’t do a thing about it.

So, down to me and Sionned, then, as the only ones with any idea or ability about what to do and how not to eff it up.

Sure, ok, done.

As for the rest of it, I think the Pattern is really trying to test me. Put me through three trials about trust, having me agreeing to trust people more, doing so and then having the Oberon mess and associated Emil issue. Hilarious. Who the hell can I trust here? Sionned, yes, Emil obviously not, Luce I really don’t know, he seems to be trustworthy and then disappears when you need him and Hagen I think would do whatever he needed to in order to fulfil his vow to Erica, so is trustworthy within a narrow context I guess.

Deirdre, the less said about her the better. Rabbiting on about being my mother and us being nothing to each other but genetics. I mean, what? My mother was Olivia and, despite her and Deirdre having their thing, I don’t see how that makes us related. I think what the issue is, is that Deirdre resents me for being the reason Olivia had to leave. But, and it may have only been 6 years in Amber time, did she not think to contact Olivia in all that time, did she not get worried about not having heard from her?   To me 6 years would be a long time to not have heard from your pregnant lover, especially if you were worried about their safety. There’s something else there, but damned if I’m going to ask what it is. Even if I did, Her Rudeness wouldn’t tell me I’m sure.

Petulant, perhaps, Erica called me on that, but really, ffs, what is wrong with these people?