I’ve learned that when you’re young there are certain expectations that, should the situation present itself, you can take advantage of.

“He’s young”

This can work incredibly well, especially when you’ve done something which to anyone else would seem incredibly stupid and slightly treasonous*.

After delivering the sceptre I was summoned to Erica in the throne room. I thought I may have been able to get away with the theft scot free, especially with Random’s attempt to break out Corwin (which he invited me to join…I might not want to share that fact) but it turns out that not even that can escape Erica’s capacity to gather information.

So, I played to expectations.

She asks a question, I play ‘cagey’ but honest. I intended to go in with either flat denials or attempting to show a ‘different point of view’ in regards to the Weirmonken.

She was totally: Not.In.The.Mood.

After some questioning and either a possible throw of assistance (or slip of the tongue, but he’s usually better than that) it turns out that Brand has done…something.

So, the truth shall set you free (read: not get you lumped into the same category as your insane father). And thus I slightly sold out Suhuy and the Weirmonken for a chance to not get into a hell of a lot more trouble than I thought I was…

Yeah, fuck it. I’m an Amberite.

*Willing to admit that it’s incredibly treasonous, but it was for a good cause**

**Good cause = who the hell doesn’t want to see a pole of the universe to rival Amber created???***