The most feared power of a prince of Amber is the blood curse. On death, their invested strength of Pattern is released in a horrifying curse. (In game terms, the fifty or more points the character has in Pattern are used to create a curse.) There have to date been five confirmed deaths in the house of Amber.

Finndo died in the assault on Amber led by his brother Osric in 597. He is commonly assumed to have been killed by Oberon, but the history books are strangely unhelpful on the matter. This may be because Erica also fought in that war, though her role has been downplayed in the histories. It is not known where his curse fell.

Osric was executed by Oberon in 597 for making war on Amber. His curse fell on his family, the Venway, who he felt had betrayed him by not coming to his aid during his disastrous coup.

Theodric was killed in a duel against Marcelino Feldane in 825, though it has been suggested that either Oberon or Clarissa influenced the outcome of the duel. His son Bran was scared enough of his father’s curse that he never walked the Pattern. It has been discovered that his curse was directed at Clarissa, and on her death it transferred to Brand. Theodric’s curse was removed by Emil and Sioned.

Matilda left Amber after her brother Theodric’s death in 825, and has not been seen since. She is probably merely missing.

Daud vanished from Amber in 1305 during the feud between his mother, Harla Chantris, and Clarissa Feldane. He is assumed to have been killed by Julia, with whom he’d had a long-running vendetta. Erica has made mention of Daud’s curse, hinting that it fell on Julia or Arden, or perhaps both.

Isaac also vanished from Amber in 1305 during the Harla/Clarissa feud. He is assumed to have been killed by Bleys. It is not known where his curse fell.

Delwin and his sister Sand left Amber after the death of their mother in 1645. Sioned was able to contact Delwin, and it’s likely his sister is also not dead.

Mirelle reportedly fell overboard from Caine’s flagship during a storm in 1715. However, certain PCs have discovered the truth of that ‘accident’.