Of all the things I never would have expected, being made sheriff of Amber by Erica is high on the list. Apparently my unique set of skills, (interrogation?, psychic shit?hmm…) are needed to sort out what’s going on with the Pattern and what was done to it. Of course, this means talking to Fiona. Fiona who by all accounts is bat-shit crazy, extremely powerful and knows exactly what was done. So. Yay. I talked to Fiona twice, once in her rooms and once in the library, she says Brand wants to destroy the Pattern to create a new one and, thus, a new power and be the ruler of it. He has been in contact with the Weir. She also says prime Pattern can be walked to and while she can’t teach me, she can show me. Ahahaha. No. She is scared of Brand but hiding much. I really don’t know how to push further into what she knows. A reading of her mind will never work and there’s no way in hell I’m letting her anywhere near the prime Pattern.

Brand is also a no go, wherever the fuck he is. Anyway, I would not trust him as far as I could kick him with a broken foot.
I kept coming back to the thought that the one person who truly knows the pattern is Dworkin. Dworkin who has been gone for years, thought dead. No one’s ever drawn a trump of him and, never having met him, mine was a poor likeness based on Hagen’s visual memory. There was no way I was expecting it to work, and yet…
Dworkin was not as I expected, his mind has been messed with, memories are gone (or maybe just locked away) because of Brand and Fiona breaking the Pattern from what I could gather. It’s also them who seem to have locked him away in this old library, but I’m not sure he’s as trapped there as they may think. Talking to him was like herding to bunch of cats. What I did find out though is that someone must re-draw the entire Pattern on top of the prime to make it whole again. And it will require a lot of blood.  I had a look in the palace library (before Fiona interrupted) at some books on blood magic which showed that blood is often used in creating circles of power. Dworkin also said that it must be someone with the original Pattern in their head. In one of his more lucid moments, he also mentioned a brother, is that the Suhoy I’ve heard mentioned? (Note to self, take Dworkin a tray of mangoes every now and then)
The original Pattern. The original Pattern. I wonder, can I draw a picture of the unbroken patten from Hagen’s image of it and then redraw the prime Pattern myself? I should be able to. The blood could be a problem, but I’m sure there’s spells which can help out there, expand the volume or similar. They must have things like that on the battlefield, enough at least to get me through until the end. I must talk to Esmond about it. On a hopeful note, Sioned was visited by Delwin (so, another alive but hiding, so much intrigue and pain. God help me the day Luce finds out about Ella) and apparently he told her that if a way can be found to heal the pattern, then it will let us find it. This is good I think.
As part of my duties as Sheriff (do I get a shiny badge?), I found myself hunting a band of Weir, known as the Wolves, through Shadow. These are the Weir which Brand tried to recruit. They have echoes through time and across many places. They are religious zealots, thinking that they’re working for the unicorn and carrying out its divine will by killing the “weak”. They refused Brand, but others may not and I have no doubt he is still looking.
On a more personal, but no less concerning note, I was in the throne room with Erica when Tomas came in and mentioned to her that a noble with Wier like characteristics in their blood was detected by Madoc. I know this isn’t me, how could it be unless Madoc kept my blood and it somehow survived the Rebma devastation? But if it’s not me who is it? And, would it be possible to now detect the same in mine? What the hell is it?
Also, I keep having a sense of having lost something. A nagging itch of memory not there. I’ve no idea what or why, but given all that’s gone on in the last few months I guess I’m not all that surprised. It’s all so upside down, tense and unexpected that things are going to get lost in the shuffle.
So, where to from here? Talk to Esmond, talk to Hagen. Get the original Pattern drawn from Hagen’s mind and hope like hell Delwin is right.