Recommendations from the Principal Secretary (Commote Merinon of Cemais) to the Crown (Queen Moire) on the appointment of several key court positions left vacant after the recent attempted palace coup. 

Your Majesty.

As requested, I have reviewed the Succession Plans pertaining to the positions of Annwr, Pryderi and the Diplomatic Attaché to the court of Begma. I have also reviewed a series of requests for the next military intake of the Academy for your perusal.

In conjunction with Our Good Friend, I have made these profiles as replete as possible, and have included my recommendations. 

Position: Annwr – Arm of the Crown

Please note these candidates have not been reviewed as yet by either the office of the Efa, nor Ioan Carys. They may have further recommendations and reviews.


  • Current Second in Command: Telyn rch Rhedyn of Pwyls

A steadfast soldier, but not a particularly imaginative one. She takes orders well and executes these orders to the letter. Is at her best when under strong command from a senior officer.

  • Candidate – Floryn rch Nimue of House Llew

An excellent candidate for the role. From one of the lesser branches of House Llew, her family have served as royal bodyguards for several generations. She has recently graduated from Officer Training and is commissioned a full Leftenant.  However, she is quite young, being only four years from her majority. Another three or four years of military service would be preferable. Another factor to consider is her relationship to Sioned rch Bran. They are maternal first cousins.

  • Candidate – cadfael Auddolen rch Hyledd of Llew

Headstrong and passionate. Holds the Rank of Captain in the RIF, has a number of male military perssonel under her command by her own request, and undoubtedly is strongly influenced by her father’s Meninist views. A strong candidate for the position, but of uncertain allegiance. Our Good Friend is conducting further surveillance at this time.

  • Candidate –  ioyn Aedfan ap Frysil of Cemais

This candidate may well be too controversial a choice for the role; however, he is of the House Royal, and was his sister’s training partner during her tenure as Annwr. He does not hold a military rank. He possesses a remarkable personality and displays extraordinary ambition. A rare combination of will, intellect and physical vigour. At 5 ft 6 in he is not physically imposing but in one-on-one situations he typically has a hypnotic impact on people. He has a keen understanding of military technology and maintains strict, efficient work habits


Until such time as a strong candidate for this position becomes available, the recommendation of an interim Annwr in the person of ioyn Hyledd rch Carrys of Llew seems the safest option. She is experienced and mature, and whilst outside the immediate house, her loyalty to the crown is unquestioned.

Further to the above, the following recommendations:

  1. ioyn Aedfan ap Frysil of Cemais – recommend he be enrolled in a fast tracked Officers Training course at the Academy. He displays significant potential.
  2. Floryn rch Nimue of House Llew – recommend transferring her to an elite unit of the RIF (the SAS or the SOF) and track her progress.
  3. Telyn rch Rhedyn of Pwyls – recommend she retain her current position. Also recommend assessment of further avenues for career growth that may be of some interest to her.
  4. cadfael Auddolen rch Hyledd of Llew – recommend no action at this time, until further information is forthcoming from Our Good Friend.

Position: Pryderi

There are two very strong candidates for this position for consideration. The original Succession Plan included strong candidature from House Aures, which is now no longer a viable option.


  • Candidate – Ioan Dynwen rch Drudwen of Pywls

Heir to the Pwyls Commotery. A quiet and studious woman, known to be highly observant and very articulate. She sits somewhat in her mother’s shadow, and her presence in a room is frequently over looked until she has something of import to say. She takes her position and responsibilities very seriously, and actively engages in personal study across a variety of subjects, including, as Our Good Friend has advised, a voracious appetite for law and legal proceedings (historical and contemporary) She is published under the pseudonym Dylls rch Caerwyn, a fact not known to her family.

  • Candidate  – Ioan Prydwen rch Merinon of Cemais

Post-Doctoral Student of Political Science. University Lecturer of undergraduate and post-graduate levels for careers in politics, public service, law, and business. Highly enthusiastic, her presence can dominate the room. Is openly published and highly regarded in her field.


Either candidate would be an excellent choice for this role. Prydwen is advantaged in her extensive studies, but Our Good Friend has advised not to overlook the intelligence and experience of the Pywls heir, despite recent events and the involvement of certain members of the house.

Position: Diplomatic Attaché to the Rebman Embassy in Begma

There is only one recommended candidate for this position.


  • Candidate – ioyn Esylit rch Elwen of Pywls

ioyn Esylit has significant trade contacts within the trade Dynasties and Guilds of Rebma, and is therefore to be considered a well qualified negotiator. Her recent actions in distancing herself from her brother’s actions in the failed coup and public acceptance of her removal from the succession of House Pywls has resulted in her retaining many of these contacts, and shoring up support for her within the House. She has previously visited Bgma on a number of occasions to see her cousin, who filled the role previously, and is known at the Court. We believe this appointment would do much to reassure the Court of Begma that all is status quo, sending them a known face from a known family.

Succession Plan:

  • Candidate  – Lowri rch Gwenllian y Mostyn

Information gathered regarding members of House Mostyn has identified Lowri as a potential successor to this, or a number of other diplomatic posts. She currently holds a public relations position in the Rebman Metal Worker’s Guild. Our intelligence indicates that she is able to read people and situations quite accurately, and is frequently requested as an advisor during difficult trade negotiations. We recommend assessment of her current and future abilities, and a suggested program of diplomatic experience tours.

Military intake house requests

Officer Training intake – RRMA

Ioan Mallt rch Arianhrod of Llew. Place requested by Commote of Llew for the new heir to Commotery. As is tradition, the Heir Ioan of Llew is required to do at least three years intensive officer training. Recommended acceptance.

Ioan Alun ap Elunedd of Llew – Place requested by Commote of Llew for her aide-de-camp who currently does not hold a military rank. He would be the first man to be enrolled in Officer Training (the second if the recommendation regarding Aedfan ap Frysil of Cemais is accepted) , and the Commote believes that this would do much to not only placate the recent unrest, but also be of benefit to the house as your majesty is well aware of Alun’s abilities. Recommended one year Officer remedial course.

ioyn Pedr ap Haff of Llew – Place requested by Commote of Llew. Pedr ap Haff has served 15 years in the RIF, and currently holds the commissioned rank of Ensign due to your brother’s patronage. Pedr is highly competent and has an exemplary military record. For some time he has been requesting placement in a combat role, currently women may only serve in combat roles. The Commote suggests that this may, again help placate the recent unrest, and, frankly, that a combat role would be the best place for him to be. Recommend assessment of current abilities and course enrolment in alignment with those abilities. Placement in combat role, recommendation to take under advisement.

Next Military Training Intake:

Amsah rch Jawhara y Mostyn – An unexpected placement request from Commote Kieve y Mostyn. To quote “She’s a pain in the ass and needs to gain some perspective”. Recommendation……I don’t see why not?

ioyn Folant rch Deryn of Pywls – Request from Commote of Pywls. She believes that Folant’s anger management issues would be best served by conditioning available in the military service. He has reportedly taken his sister’s death quite hard. Recommendation; at your majesty’s discretion. I am not sure that they conclusions Commote Drudwen has reached are viable, however, accepting titled male members of the houses would indicate that the Crown is open to exploring change in this arena.

Baeddwd ap Maelona of Dyvd – Request from Commote Regent Glyndwr of Llew. Baeddwd displays a strong aptitude for an engineering career, but is unlikely to further this path under the rule of his mother, who is very traditionalist in her views of women’s and men’s roles in society. Until Commote Seren comes in to her majority, he is unlikely to find anyone willing to stand for him within the house. Recommendation; as we currently have a program in place to offer engineering positions within the military due to a significant lack in that area, this request is recommended for action.

End Correspondence.

Post Script.

As a special note regarding discussions surrounding changes to the Act of Succession. Both Our Good Friend and I believe that a controlled acceptance of men in to traditionally female industries or roles would very much soften the ground for your proposed amendments. We believe this approach may render arguments against the changes harder to sustain if the Crown is seen to be progressively considering and enacting peaceful social change.