Letter, to be delivered by Pattern magic, to Hagen, Sioned, Emil and Luce upon Lara reaching the Prime Pattern (written in the short time between talking to Sioned at the Palace and meeting at the stairs to Tir-na Nóg’th)

I’m writing to you now because I’ve now been tasked with healing the Pattern and I’m not sure what the outcome of that will be and there are important things you should know.

To clarify, I’ve been tasked, and given the means to do so, by Oberon himself. He has granted me the use of Greyswandir and it is with this I’m to heal the Prime Pattern. This and my blood. Apparently the strength of the Pattern in the blade will be enough for me to use it to re-draw it correctly, even though I have the damaged version in my blood.

Let me take a step back for a second, no I’ve not lost my mind. Oberon has somehow managed to get his consciousness to escape the box we found him in and has hitched a ride in another body for the time being. I’m not sure how, though he implied I had something to do with it.

You may recall I was looking into an occurrence on Earth where a Black Road had seemingly appeared and then disappeared without a trace. Everyone was confused about this. I followed the traces of it and found that it had actually been an Amberite who had closed it, but it wasn’t anyone we knew. No, that’s wrong, it was someone I knew very well and you had all met. Sean Mallory.

Long story short, I finally managed to contact Sean and met up with him. However, and you’ve now guessed this I’m sure, it wasn’t Sean. Well, it was, but Oberon had inserted his consciousness into Sean’s body and was using him as a vessel. Because he was important, because I had made him so was the answer I was given when I asked why. He also refused to leave (though he swore no harm would come to Sean) until he gets his own body back.

He stated he was saving Amber (no he didn’t elaborate), but he wasn’t aware of the Prime Pattern having been damaged. I filled him in on what I knew of it and how I was looking into ways to fix it. I asked him if he knew how. He said I should find Dworkin and ask him. I said I’d already done that, but Dworkin’s mind was damaged when the Pattern was.

Oberon then gave me Greyswandir (which he’d been carrying and using himself as far as I could tell) and told me to use it to fix the problem. Which I fully intend to do. I’ve spent long hours studying texts on blood magic, putting this together with the information I managed to glean from Dworkin’s fractured thoughts. I believe I can do it, but I can’t be sure of the ultimate outcome.

Oberon also didn’t know that the sceptre of Amber had been stolen and delivered to Suhuy and the Weir plans for their own Pattern. Well he does now and said he would take care of it.

I write to you not to tell you of my plans as such, but to let you know that Oberon is, in some form, on the loose and will need dealing with. I don’t know how to force him to leave Sean’s body other than deliver his own back to him. Something that seems impossible at the moment for all sorts of reasons. I assume that you, Hagen, Emil and Luce, may well have a much better idea than I about it. I would ask that, when you do find Oberon, you treat Sean well, do not harm him, he is simply the wrong person in the wrong place. Blameless and dear to me. Sioned, I trust you will see this through as you can.

I am to meet you all soon on the stairs to Tir-na Nóg’th, Sioned filled me in on the plan to go there and her and Luce to walk the Pattern to get to the Prime and then trump us in. From what I’ve heard, I understand we may not all make it through Tir-na Nóg’th, but I intend to fall to no distraction. I will be there when Luce and Sioned trump me through and complete the task of healing the Prime Pattern.

There’s been no time to tell you of the above, things have happened too fast, so please forgive the need to do so in a letter.

If I don’t make it through, please let Deirdre and Evgeny Venator know. Deal with Oberon and treat Sean well.