Amber City

  1. The Palace itself, the second oldest structure of the castle complex. It houses a tower and hall, complete with rooms for guests, apartments for princes and princesses, the royal audience chamber, and numerous functionary studies. Also, the Great Library.
  2. The Palace Gardens.
  3. The Stores.
  4. The New Barracks.
  5. The Royal Chapel.
  6. The Old Barracks. This is the oldest structure of the castle, and includes the original residences of Oberon and his children.
  7. The Landward Tower. Originally built as a watch tower for invasion down the Vale of Garnath.
  8. The Palace Stables.
  9. The Smithy.
  10. The moat (a dry moat).
  11. Statues of Amber’s greatest generals – Benedict, and numerous of his House, as well as one Chantris and a Duke of Bayle.
  12. The Church of the Unicorn on the Mount.
  13. The Outer Ward.
  14. The Inner Ward.
  15. The Seaward Battery – there are numerous ballista, catapults, and other engines sited here.
  16. The Seaward Barracks.
  17. The Mausoleums. These extend up the side of Kolvir.
  18. Oberon’s Watch. Ever jealous of someone having more sight than him, Oberon built this tower so he could watch over not only the city and harbour, but also his own castle and watchtowers.
  19. The Steps of Tir Na Nog.
  20. The Royal Plaza – this is where of Bleys’ and Corwin’s assault on the Palace met its defeat.