When the Tingstead home Shadow fell into tempest and ambiguity, three of the world’s Runestones were saved: Jael, Biturð, and Eið. They mourned to each other, no matter how far apart they were carried. Their threnodies crossed Shadow to be heard by each other, and talented Runesingers among the Tingstead found a way to travel along the lament-lines, and soon to bring others—even armies—with them. Shards broken from the stones also mourned and could be used as cross-Shadow guides by the lesser-wise, as they always showed the way to rejoin their mother-Runestone. Kept away from their sources too long, however, the shards evaporate and their material slowly re-accretes on their mother.

As each Master Runesinger died his or her soul entered their Runestone and new details of the exile of the Tingstead appeared on the stone’s surfaces. Shown is the Jael Runestone.