Entry 1

Shadow Torralon.

The wolves. The marauders who attacked the Golden Circle. The Weirmonken.

Hagen and I harried them to a Shadow that he claimed, locked, and set as their prison. Before that, we left a trail of bodies through many worlds.

It was good to see Hagen roused. I fear we will have greater need of his rage soon.

Now I sit in a small inn. Soon we return to Amber, but I want to gather my thoughts…

But you know what? I do like the look of … whoever she is.


Must also return to the Shadow whose troops I used to fights the Wolves. They fought and died well.

Hagen awakes. To Amber.

Entry 2

The north coast of Amber.

We are taking boat to Bayle. It seems that while Chantris, my own house, has lost an important shadow, Bayle has gained one.

And Chantris is not amused. So we are the peace mission. The irony is not lost on me. The question now is how this was done? there is also the question of who could do such a thing – though I have some ideas.

But there are some other ongoing concerns. For one, there is the Sceptre that Emil stole – what does this Suhuy figure want with it, And, how do I broach this with Brand’s son without giving my own aims away.

Which Begs the question, another one – what are my aims.

Note: Install a stable writing desk on the Seahorse.

Entry 3

Amber City.

Benedict’s Day, High Spring.

There are few lonelier places that the stairs of Tir na nog on a moonlit night. Even if one is not alone – and I am looking on some few of my companions as I make these words – this is a place of ghosts.

One might thinks someone of [my experience] would not fear such a thing, but I know only too well the perils of the dead.

I would not do this thing were it not necessary. But it seems that someone may be planning to make an effort to destroy the Pattern. Even I consider that somewhat … contraindicated.

And to get there, it has been decided that we walk the Pattern of Air.

This will have a cost that none foresee.