Dearest Father,

I’m terribly afraid that I am off on another adventure again! I’m so sorry. I feel like the world’s worst daughter. When this one is over, I promise I will come and see you. I promise promise times two. And we will go and have the best picnic lunch I can put together. Pinky swear.

As usual, a lot of things have happened. I can’t really tell you an awful lot about them. We lost one of our friends, which is very sad. He was infuriating and arrogant, but also talented, honourable and brave. I will miss him, even though we argued a lot, and sometimes he made me very very cranky. I swore at him a few times. It won’t be the same without him around. I keep expecting him to show up again just around the next turn in the road. That was kinda his thing…it’s a long story. I’m not sure I’m going to really believe he is gone for a little while yet. Or perhaps that’s just how my head wants to deal with it………I know that’s how it wanted to deal with mam all those years ago. I must have been a very tiresome child. Asking each day for three years when mam was going to come home. Sorry. I think I understand now.

Sorry this is a short one. We’re on the move. I’m putting this together and riding at the same time.

Loves you!


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