My Lord,

You were right to be concerned.

Regarding the structural stability of Amber; a storm occurred as I crossed the border, but the shadow weave stabilised afterwards. I’ve yet to determine what caused this and if it was a one off event. There was some talk of the black road and something being “fixed”.

Amber is still expanding and the ruling family don’t seem to clearly understand the mechanics behind the expansion, how to control it or the damage it’s doing to the multiverse. Apparently King Oberon chose not to share his knowledge with his family before vanishing to parts unknown and Dworkin is alive but nowhere to be seen.

The recent monarch, King Erica is an exhausted woman at her wit’s end, fighting different battles on several fronts. She said that there were three “pattern experts” (Prince Hagen indicated there were two more) and none of them were trustworthy. This could spell disaster if these “experts” decide to build their own shadow strongholds but from what I’ve seen they seem focused on squabbling over Amber for now.

The political situation is unstable but not yet at the point of complete civil war. Your relatives are at each other’s throats when not united against the Weirmonken. In fact if we had not provided such a strong and constant distraction they might have killed each other a long time ago.

Based on this information alone I would advise the Legion to eliminate Amber immediately. It’s a dangerous power source with no control or limitations. Nobody is at the helm of this particular juggernaut.

However, against my better judgement and in accordance with your wishes, I will delay reporting this to the Legion until I am certain that no hope remains.

Amber is dear to you, I owe debts to certain Princes of Amber and it’s such a pretty place, I’m so tired of seeing beautiful things destroyed – I feel moved to help them.

King Erica has accepted my of assistance with Prince Hagen acting as my overseer.

To that end I am requesting all intelligence relating to the following topics:

  • Sceptre of Amber
  • Suhuy
  • Black road
  • Tir na nogth
  • The tears of Amber
  • Entropy reversal and quantum entanglement in semi-closed systems

Give my regards to Lord Mandor, tell him that I think he’s the most dangerous man I know.

I will enclose my vastly edited report to the Legion with this letter and leave the delivery up to your discretion.

Agent Despil