“You’re safe…for now.”

Luce, getting the last word. I can’t help but feel sad for his passing. In the end, it was for Amber. No matter his reasons, whether it was to secure his home for its own safety, or so that he could take it for his own, I suppose it was as noble a death as one could have.

So, I am safe…for now.

For now did not last very long.

Father is safe, his mind is his own, but he is still under house arrest and proving that a long dead relative has been stuck in your head controlling your actions for a couple of decades might be a bit tough.

Also, apparently mother is in fact an Aisling…one of those things I was the last to find out about. Part of this revelation came when Hagan informed me about a slight case of ghosts which ran through the local lockup which, apparently, was a result of my blood being left behind.

It seems that Brand/Theodric had me locked up underneath Amber itself, and as such when I used my blood to infuse the portal spell, I ripped a tiny hole through Amber straight to my home shadow. I’m probably going to need to fix that…and maybe apologise to Erica.

What else?

Oh yes, Sioned has been wiping her mind so much it’s starting to look like a chalkboard with all the old images in the background and it’s become hard to distinguish which is real and which isn’t. That can’t be healthy.

Lara is off on her own after taking Luce’s death rather hard,

Martin has turned up with a shadow army with guns…that work (which I’ll admit is pretty damn cool), and he’s also imbued with a power, not Pattern, that I’ve never seen before.

Suhuy is still missing with the staff, and I can’t help but think that Martin’s new found abilities and Suhuy’s plans are linked.

…yeah. So I think it’s about time I helped Hagan clean some of this up, and in the process hopefully people might forget that some of this is my fault.

And I should really look into this whole, ‘half Amberite, half Aisling’ blood thing…it could be useful.

…crap, did I really just think that?