When facing an opponent with a longer sword, your choices become limited.

If you remain at the tip of their sword you will not find victory.

If you are like water you can flow around their sword and wear them down, if they are not stone.

But there is another way through. If you are prepared in body and will to wear hurt, you can take a smaller wound in the expectation of giving a greater one to your opponent.

Your opponent’s blade is of no use to them if you have it trapped between your ribs, or ribs and arm, or in the flesh of your outer thigh. If such a thing comes to pass, cut their throat.

Self sacrifice is a dangerous tactic. It is not suited to the battlefield. Your technique and self knowledge must be of the highest order. Study anatomy. Lose duels often in order to uncover your limits of body and will. Learn to fight around incapacity.

Prince Lucifer of Amber knew about self sacrifice. When faced with a longer sword, he would happily bind his opponent’s blade with his flesh and bone in order to triumph.

He extended the move from tactics to strategy. How could his opponents win when they had exerted their main strength to defeat and kill him, if he could cut their throats from beyond the grave?

Prince Lucifer of Amber saw beyond strategy as well. The difference between a combatant who wants to live through a fight, and one who is prepared to trade their life for the victory, is telling. This is the opposite of what I have taught you. Some victories are worth sacrifice, even unto self extinction.

What does the black bishop think when its capture of the opponent’s queen gets it captured in turn, but leads to black victory?

If you are a necromancer, you may learn.