So say their banners.

No two use the same script, or even the same language.

As they traverse Shadow, the Kurultai adapt. Their bodies shift to survive whatever physical conditions they meet. Their minds shift too: they pride themselves on their fearsome mental flexibility and clarity of purpose. The effect of this is their languages shift too.  Kurultai bands in different Shadows speak completely different languages. When bands who have travelled differently meet again, they mostly have enough similarity remaining to be able to converse in their divergent tongues. Or if not, they will fight, and the strongest will prevail.

Some say the Kurultai language is the key to their ability to traverse Shadow: by changing their minds, they change their perception of Shadow, and therefore their location in Shadow.

Some say the Kurultai language is a memetic virus: the Kurultai do not recruit, but their numbers are replenished always by their weir-taint infiltrating new fertile minds.

Shown is the banner recovered after the Battle of Kashfa in the Sixth Weirmonken War.