Act II, Scene II.

A Room, vaguely hospital like. The light is dull, curtains are drawn across the window. Centre stage is a bed, occupied by MR BRAN. Next to it is a table and a wooden chair, occupied by SIONED.

 Scene opens, MATRON ALICE enters from stage right.

Matron Alice: “Good morning Mr Bran! It’s looking like a lovely day again, (throws open the curtains) all the better for recovery…..(turns and sees SIONED sitting by the bed) Oh my saints! I’m sorry, your highness, I had no idea you were in here.”

Sioned: “It’s fine.”

 Matron Alice: “Did you sleep here, in that chair all night?”
Sioned: No.
Matron Alice: Oh thank goodness, these chairs aren’t very comfortable

Sioned: I just sat.

Matron Alice: (unsure what to say) Oh.

Mr Bran: (Sitting up slowly in bed) She’s paranoid I’ll hop out of here on one leg on a reckless escapade

Matron Alice: (awkwardly) oh. Well……….I shall go see where…….other things need to be done.
(exit MATRON ALICE Stage Right)

Mr Bran: We aren’t going to have another argument are we?
Sioned: No
Mr Bran: because I really don’t want to do that.
Sioned: I know
Mr Bran: I’m not an idiot, Sioned, I’m capable of making my own decisions and I am not going to function on the “by your leave” conditions you seem to think are necessary
Sioned: I know
Mr Bran: You’re as bad as your mother, you don’t need to wrap me in cotton wool! I let her do it because……because…. I don’t know why, but you are my child and I am not going to let you bully me in to this.
Sioned: I know, dad
Mr Bran: So don’t start making outlandish demands, because I’m not going to give in to them.
Sioned: I know
Mr Bran: I will continue to do what I think is important and worthwhile
Sioned: —
Mr Bran: and that’s all there is to it…………why are you not arguing with me.

Sioned: You just said you didn’t want to have an argument.

Mr Bran: I know, but then usually an argument happens……..I am, understandably, now very suspicious

Sioned: Dad, I’m not going to argue with you because there’s no point. We’re both as stubborn as each other, we’re both convinced we are right. I’m tired, and I don’t have the energy. You nearly got yourself killed, no one knew where you were, no one told me for two weeks that you were missing. Frankly it’s a miracle I didn’t barge in head first without waiting for anyone else. But I didn’t. Because you’re my dad. And doing something hotheaded and stupid may have already killed someone I know, and I couldn’t run that risk with you. You’re all I have.
Mr Bran: I’m not all you have, there’s your cousins….
Sioned: No, dad, you are all I have to keep my feet on the sand. These cousins are pretty ok, and I like most of them and trust some of them. But you are where I come from, you are the reason I sometimes remember that just because I can doesn’t necessarily mean that I should. If I lose you, I don’t know where I’m going to end up, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be somewhere good.
(SIONED hands MR BRAN a short length of wood on a leather thong)

Mr Bran: What’s that? A pencil?

Sioned: No. It’s just a piece of wood. But if you break it, I’ll know you’re in trouble, and I’ll know where to find you. It’s what I can do. Like a…..get out of the dragon’s dungeon for free pass.”

Mr Bran: What if it breaks by accident?

Sioned: It won’t. It will only break if you want it to and need it to.

Mr Bran: Well….thank you, Sioned. I will remember to take it with me next time I….

Sioned: Next time you wander off into a area you are advised not to go by people who are more gungho than anyone I’ve met, but still think it’s a bad idea? I know dad. It’s ok.

Mr Bran: I love you, sweetheart…..You should go and get some sleep, you look terrible.

Sioned:….love you too dad.

(SIONED kisses MR BRAN on the forehead and exits stage right)