There are many of Amber who would state that fate and destiny are the beliefs of the un-learned; the masses who could dare not walk the pattern for it would burn their unworthy souls from reality.

These people of Amber would have you believe that they craft their own destiny; that their power allows them to shape reality itself to no end.

Sometimes, these people are wrong.

Sometimes the Pattern has its own desires, and those stand above all others.

Take this example: a young Amber prince. Fresh off a success, finally feeling release from the burden of his own parents, and starts looking towards the future and his mind strays towards a family of his own.

He walks into a crowded bar, and through the mass of souls his gaze falls upon one particular spark of life, who in turn felt the desire to look in his direction, for no reason either could fathom.

Something in both of them feels that this was no chance encounter.

As the night proceeds as one might imagine, I draw your attention to both the past and future.

A Pattern walk: something that you might describe as more real than anything else in the multi-verse.

The Witch King stands over a grave he was responsible for, his job unfinished. He looks to his companion, certain in the sanctity of his quest. The wife and child must die.

The wife and child of the grave’s single occupant.

Of Emil.

The other spark of reality, Lara, also as sure as the Witch King in her task.

The wife and child must live.

Such certainty, such belief, held in the minds of two holders of the Pattern, while walking the in it’s Primal version.

Though one of the two has now passed through the veil, such belief has effects which ripple out through reality and often only need a single spark to ignite.

The spark of the parents meeting for the first time and giving into the thoughts they both share.

Sometimes, the eyes of the Unicorn will open, and cast fate into the direction of it’s own choosing.

Especially when you steal it’s Tears.

Somewhere, in Shadow, far from what she might have called home; a young woman with the fiery red hair of her mother and the blue eyes of her father becomes aware of who she is, where she is from, and that she is far from a home she has never seen with no way of getting there.

A new child of Amber is born and the Unicorn goes back to sleep.