The Caoranach Crypt Divers which were recruited by the Feldane Noble, Ariana.


From the Douarden clan and a former sulfur miner. Recruited by Ariana to join her Labyrinth divers, his rather obvious skill set has defended the group during many encounters. During his downtime, Dormund spends a great deal of time investigating rumours and legends regarding the lost city of Uzuldaroum.


Wilson is another shadow dweller, some think has come from one of the variants of Earth. For a scout, Wilson can be very loud, sure of himself (and willing to let others know) but is a damn good at what he does.

He must be, otherwise no one is sure why Ariana keeps him around.


The fixer. Doesn’t go on the dives with the team, instead he uses the time to gather equipment they need, and jobs. Ariana recruited Sanders from a Shadow, she won’t say which one, but even with his slight tendency towards greed, his inability to even mention the word ‘charity’ and some of the more ruthless deals he’s negotiated, he’s not made a single enemy of any Feldane.


A former servant of House Venway, ‘Scout’ was released from their service and now works exclusively for Ariana as an expert in locks and traps.

Many rumours abound of how the skills of a house servant translated to spotting a weir-cursed loose stone from metres away in a dark cavern, or why the Venway released her. She still bares their mark and makes no effort to hide it or her past, just the terms of her ‘release’.