The Witena are called by other Lords of Chaos The Builders, because they build stalwart existential ramparts to defend their Shadows. They should be called The Engineers, because they do not just place existential stone upon stone to build a wall, but seek to make a better wall by understanding each stone. Often, their experiments are not safe. Often, they are not successes. And all too often, they are not ethical.

Although the Witena home Shadow has long fallen to Shadow-storm catastrophes (rampant global warming, zombie plagues and anti-matter meteors all at the same time), they now strongly hold a sector of related Shadows that they have re-engineered to support their metaphysics. They slowly extend their reach with abstruse engines that reformat wild Shadow into something more compatible with their needs. Their version of Logrus is immensely convincing, and its effects endure and are hard to erase. It is also short-range and very slow.


The Witena letterhead.


The Witena corporate logotype.